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Smartphones have been on the heads of people thanks to their designs, cameras and even processors over the years, but nothing is special if you talk about batteries, how much is a handset, if everyone has a battery life, then everyone will dislike it. The key depends on the battery of the battery if a cheap and small device has a battery life, all will love it, the battery life of the smartphone may be good and your la In this post I am telling you 15 tips to enhance your smartphone’s battery with which you can increase your battery life of smartphones.

Today, most of the smartphones are coming up with high resolution, more memory, large displays and powerful processors, many of which can be easily done, some people believe that the smartphone is on the computer and it looks 100% true is.

The smartphone is so smart that its crazy people are all some people use it more than they need and focus on the limit of smartphones and negligence in phone charging etc. due to which the battery of their smartphones gives less life.

There are many reasons for the low battery life of the smartphone, either yourself or you are with a battery with a bad battery, even if your phone is offering low battery life and want to increase your phone’s battery life, stay tuned.

15 Ways You Can Grow Battery Life Of Smartphones

If you are angry with your phone that why your smartphone’s battery life is low then do not be fooled, you may have some mistake in yourself, and perhaps you can know by reading these tips.

1. Use the phone only when you need it

It is important to follow this point but it will not follow, because everyone has become a smartphone pandemic, even some people do not even need to be in their phone for a long time and without any work Turns on your phone that has become a habit of the phone, but if you want to extend your phone’s battery life, then use your phone only when you need it.

2. Keep the temperature in mind

More temperature reduces battery performance, so keep your phone in cool temperature, using the phone in low temperature (below 30) will have better life cycles, more temperature (heat) damages the phone’s battery quickly, If you use your mobile continuously in excessive temperature (more than 30) then the battery will become hot and the battery can be full.

3. Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off

These 2 things remain on the smartphone for the longest time, they have a bad effect on your battery, which will reduce your battery life, if you want to extend your phone’s battery life, turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as needed. , Shut down if you do not need it, this will save your battery and keep your battery life good.

4. Keep Location Tracking (Services) Off

If you want to extend your smartphone’s battery life, do not let the Facebook app like location tracking services run much more often, experts say that the Facebook app quickly eliminates your phone battery, because the user’s location address is repeatedly used by Facebook users. So keep your Facebook app like Location Tracking app off in your phone.

5. Do not charge the battery again and again

Repeated charging reduces battery life, but some people do not believe it, even while charging, use your phone, which has a bad effect on the battery, charge the phone one time even your phone’s battery Do not allow less than 20% discreet, so if you want to extend your phone’s battery life, avoid charging the battery repeatedly.

6. Avoid Parasitic Charging

If you want your phone’s battery to last for a long time and do not get worse then do not parasitic charging but avoid it as much as possible, it can damage your battery very soon. I have written a post about it you can read if you want to: – Why the Parasitic Charging should be avoided

7. Keep smartphone display low brightness

Displays the highest expense of your smartphone in your smartphone. If you want to extend your phone’s battery life, always keep the display on normal brightness, your mobile battery will last longer, if your phone’s display becomes automatic brightness So in your phone you can turn on the option of automatic brightness.

8. Keep airplane mode active in mobile

Many times we have network problems and at the same time, away from the cellular tower, additional time will also be bad, if you are in a place where there is no network, then your phone has a greater effect on the battery. To avoid this, you can activate airplane mode in your phone, it is also called flight mode.

9. Do not charge over

If you want your phone’s battery life to be good, do not charge over charging i.e., do not let your phone be less than 20 or 15 percent, before charging it, before charging the phone overnight or 90 and 100 percent Do not keep charging even when charging, people often sleep in the evening by charging their phone in the charging and the phone over keeps charging so that the battery can crack.

10. Do not charge mobile from computer and laptop

For some reason, the mobile charger of many people gets spoiled, lost or broken, then they know that computers can also charge the phone from a laptop, this damages the battery life of their phone, if you have your phone’s battery If you want to increase the life, then do not charge your phone from computer or laptop if it is not necessary, it is better to bring a new charger by doing a little hard work.

11. Charge with your mobile charger

Some people go out on a journey with their friends and leave their charger at home, the phone gets disconnected, charging your phone with the charge of your friend, but you do not do it, if your friend’s If you have a phone charger of your own company, then the battery life is low because doing this, so charge your mobile only with the charge coming with your mobile.

12. Keep streaming services closed

If you want to extend your phone’s battery life, turn off streaming services when the phone is down, do not play online games, videos and music when the battery is low, if you do this then there will be a lot of pressure on your battery so that your phone The battery will end soon, if it is more important then play the music or video that is stored in your phone.

13. Do not download free app in smartphone

Avoid free apps, cookie comes with this ad, it has come to know that the app that comes with free and advertising reduces your phone’s battery life by about 2 to 3 hours, saying that the processor of the phone is in his mind And the apps with these ads have a bad effect on your phone’s processor, which can damage the phone with your battery, so avoid the free and advertising app.

14. Message instead of calling

If your phone’s battery is too low and you have to make a call, you can work with text message. Calling when the battery is down, more pressure on the battery, and you can send faster and accurate information from text messages. So, instead of calling you, you can work with the message.

15. Take care of your smartphone with battery

Here are some tips I can tell you to increase the battery life of your mobile with which you can increase the battery life of your phone but you can use the battery only in mobile and if you only have a battery and not mobile, Increasing life will do so, so do something so that you can keep your phone safe and clean so that your phone is new and newer.


So, guys, here I have 10 to 15 tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life, from which you can increase the battery life of your phone and run for more days and I am sure if you follow these tips, then your The phone’s battery will not be spoiled before your phone.

Apart from these, you will find many ways to increase the battery life of smartphones on the internet with which you can increase battery life and if you know any other tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life by which someone can increase the battery life of your phone then those tips Write to the comment

If you follow these tips, then you will start to feel that your smartphone is giving better battery life than before, if you get any help from this post and you can increase the battery life of your phone, Happiness, if you say in the comment then

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