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How do I Viral YouTube Video Today? I will tell about it. How to increase view on YouTube videos faster? How to bring views on YouTube video? etc. We make a lot of effort to get views on his videos after making a YouTube channel, but still we can not get views, but do not get the traffic. For this, we will tell you today how to make your YouTube video easy viral, I will tell you 10 better ways that you have a lot of work.

Analysis Trending Videos

First of all, you have to watch videos that have been viral 24 hours before watching the video and uploading your own video on this subject, this also gives you the chance of becoming viral.


You must pay for advertising, promotion and the help of some youtubers and bloggers, the more viral your video is shared, the more viral it is.

Use Google Trends Google Trends

It is a free product of google, so that we can see the trending topic, by using it you have to see what is latest trending in India and it is to create a video on the subject.

First 48 hrs

To get your YouTube video viral, you should get maximum views on your video 48hrs.

Likes And DisLike

If you have more than 80% likes on your video then your video can be viral and if there is more dislikes on the video then that video will never be viral.


If there are comments on your videos, then all comments are too viral due to comments.

Video Quality

To make the video viral, the quality of your video should be good, so people will love your video and your video will go viral.

Average Views Duration

To make the video viral, if your audience does not need to watch more than 60% of your video, then your video will still be viral

Video Length

Video only make you up to 5-7 minutes and try so long in the length of the time I teach you the language, so that people will love your video more.

Before creating the video, research the subject on which you are making video, and learn as much as possible on the subject. I hope you have come to know how to make viral YouTube videos. If you have any questions related to this article then you can ask him in the comment box.

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