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YouTube SEO is a technology that lets you increase the ranking of any YouTube video. And as you increase your YouTube ranking, you’ll have more YouTube video views. More Video Views Mean More Adsense Ads More ads mean more money You can also call it YouTube Video SEO or Video Video directly.

Note: The following techniques will work exactly for Viral Video. For that you read our second post.

Ways to work on YouTube

Viral Videos:

Make your video so viral that it comes in front of people itself, and into the trending section. If one of your videos gets viral then its effect will be on your entire channel. Views will start on all your videos, and the ranking of all will increase automatically.


Grow your YouTube Channel branding so much that your YouTube channel becomes a brand. If your channel becomes a brand or an authority channel, then every one of your videos will be automatic ranking.

Video SEO:

With the help of video SEO, we can easily rank the video, but if the channel above your video is a brand or an authority then it becomes very difficult to rank the video above it. But great SEO can rank your video in YouTube as well as Google.

Before talking to friends YouTube SEO, I would like to tell you that YouTube SEO is actually what? And how does it work with Video SEO? And how do you use YouTube Video SEO

What is YouTube SEO?

What does SEO mean in Search Engine Optimization?
As we rank websites for our keywords using search engine optimization in Google. So that our site is in the same place as the first place, YouTube SEO

This means we have to bring our YouTube video to the first number for any keyword. So we will have to do YouTube SEO of that video. That means we have to do some such improvements in that video so that the video arrives at number one on YouTube’s Search List.

For a better understanding of YouTube SEO, see the example below: For example, I search by visiting YouTube: digital ocean droplet

Whenever I search [digital ocean droplet] then these videos come in, [digital ocean droplet] is a keyword on it. This means when searching for this keyword, these videos are ranked for this keyword,

If I or you have to rank for this Sam keyword, then you have to do better Youtube Video SEO than these videos. Only then will our video come above all these videos.

In direct language Youtube SEO means Youtube to tell us about our video. And this is our thing in our video, and our video is for this keyword. And our video is giving great infomation about this. So that our YouTube Video Rank is possible.

I hope you have understood these keywords and SEO funding. So let’s move if it is moving.

How to do YouTube Video SEO

I will tell you all the details [from the beginning to end], how to do video seo, how to select video titles, what to put in the video description, use tags. Everything, just keep reading this post.

Even before doing video SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is very important that you know what you need to add video to, so that you know, people are searching on YouTube about it

What people are looking for on YouTube, you have to put a video about something that people are looking for so much that are searching, because if you put a video that people are not looking for then you No one will see the video.

So first of all you have to choose a topic, which you can do well. And you can make videos on it for a long time. If you are reading this post, it means that you have selected your topic / topic.

[Attention: there are some topics like entertainment, funny, viral, whose SEO is a bit different, and almost does not even need it) If you still have not selected your topic, then read this lower post:

For example, in this website and in Hindi, information on YouTube channel is just putting videos on things like blogging, SEO, YouTube tricks and hosting. And I will show you a video that is related to hosting a website by hosting SEO today.

Finding Video Keywords:

Before you can make a YouTube video SEO, you should have a good understanding of keywords such as what a keyword is, how many people are searching for that keyword. And what do people search for, along with their keywords.

For example see the photo given below:

These keywords are reported to youtube, as soon as you search for something on YouTube, youtube itself will show you a similar result that people find.

As you can see, I have to put a video on this keyword: [digital ocean droplet]. But along with this keyword, people are also searching the other things which are similar to my video.

For viral videos you can check YouTube’s trending page. You will also find Ideas from Google Trends.

I hope you have already done your topic and keyword research If you do not mind then read this post.

Make awesome videos:

Now you will ask, what is the difference between this thing, no janab, it makes a lot of difference. If you got a video rank too But if the viewer does not feel good, then leave him in the middle and go back.

And if any of the watchers go back, then YouTube will think that people are leaving their video in the middle. Sayed, its video is not giving good information, or video is boring. Google will downgrade your video rank.

So make your video rich, informative, and entertaining. So that people can also see and share.

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There are a few things that can increase or decrease your video ranking.


This directly affects your video. Video Tittle and thumbnail CTRs will grow. So make video titles and thumbnails attractive.


If your video is attractive or giving full information. Then the user remains connected to your video If the user likes your video very much then he or she sees your videos too much. Which is a plus point.

Watch Time:

Make the length of your video at least four to five minutes. And if your keyword video is longer than five minutes then keep in mind that your video work is ten minutes long. Also, if your video is not good then the viewer will only see videos from fifteen to thirty seconds, which will have a bad effect on your video rankings.

YouTube Video Optimization:

Now comes video optimization. In this you will find how to insert titles, tags, descriptions and thumbnails of YouTube Video. But before that you have to do a bit of video setting.

Youtube Video SEO [Video Title]

You also have to change the title of the video as it appears in the image above. It should also include your keyword.

Some people also recommend putting titles, tags in the video like this. You can add all of these videos by going to the properties of the video. All this is your own personal choice.

I do not think so much this thing works because YouTube renders our video in many formats such as 360p, 480p, 720p and many more formats. But if you want to do all this, then you can do it.

Now your video is ready to be uploaded, now click on the upload button above YouTube, and select your video. Abba, this will bring many options to you.

Let’s move forward.

YouTube Video SEO (titles, tags, descriptions, thumbnails and translations)

YouTube Video SEO (titles, tags, descriptions, thumbnails and translations) As you can see, many titles in the ranking of video titles, video tags, video descriptions, video thumbnails and video translation videos. Let’s briefly know about them.

YouTube Video Title:

The video title tells you what your video is about.

  • Enter the keyword in the video title
  • Make video title attractive

Attractive video title helps to increase the CTR of your video.

YouTube Video Description:

Youtube video description tells you what’s in your video. Because you can not read YouTube videos

At least two words in your video description must be written. If the video is a tutorial then their steps can also be reported in the video.

Add a link to your sites in the video. And also link your social media profiles.

Tip: Some people also put a link to Sam Video in a video description, and also can link to the accompanying video.

YouTube video tags:

It is important to insert tags in the YouTube video, as it tells YouTube what the video is about, and what video resembles the similarity. From which your video goes to the suggested list of videos of other channels.

Add your keywords to the video tags. Also add similar search. Attention: Only insert related tags from the video. Do not let the video you are making “how to make paneer pakoras” and putting tags of “pizza” in tags.

Tip1: You look at videos of keywords that are ranking, Abbe check their keywords. This will make the keyword guess. You can use TubeBuddy to spy on the keyword.

Tip2: You’ve got to own a channel of your own channel, which you have to put in every video. As bloggingXP has become a separate tag for the channel “BloggingXP”, put it in every Youtube video. This helps you to create branding.

YouTube Video Thumbnail:

As is said, “First Impressions Is Last Imprest” Because thumbnails are a better image of your video.

Make your Thubanile so attractive, see the video to be forced to see the video. Thubanel helps increase your CTR.

High CTR = Higher Ranking + More Views

Tip: Use the online photo editing tools like Photoshop and Canva for attractive thumbnails.

Youtube video translation

With the help of YouTube translation you can also make your video available in Bhashao.

Like I inserted the video “How to make paneer pakoda at home” then by translating the title of this video, I can also write “How to Make Paneer Pakora at home”.

You can write and edit a video in a number of languages.

For example, the video is in English and you have also put Hindi translation along. So your video will appear in both languages.

View the following image:

When searching in YouTube “Video SEO”

And when I search the same thing in Hindi “Video SEO”

As you can see, the search for both keywords is different, because both keywords are different. But still this video is coming out. All this is amazing YouTube’s translation feature. You might have understood now

Tip: If you add a video, then you must do a translation in Bhasi. You only have the advantage in this.

YouTube End Screen Card:

The first thing to do is both the YouTube End Screen Card and the YouTube Cards. End screen cards can be used only in five to twenty seconds of the last of the video. But Cards can be used anywhere in the video.

But only one of the two can be used in a video.

End Cards are very effective, they use them in every video. What is YouTube and Card? How to use them

YouTube Video Subtitles / CC:

Subtitles / CC is also a partner in your video ranking. Take advantage of this.

All that you speak in it is in the instrument from the beginning to the end and that too in different languages. As shown in the picture above.

YouTube Video Playlist:

YouTube Playlist is very helpful in ranking videos and bringing video views. When creating playlists, enter your keyword in the playlist name

Put videos with videos and videos along with your video.

Friends, this part is not finished yet, just walk away

Social Signal:

Social signals mean how much shares are being made on your video social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, PinTrust) as much as the number of shares the higher the ranking benefits.

So whenever you put a video, spread it to your profile, Facebook page, Facebook group.

Do not spamming on (I hate spamming?)

Note: You can also buy Fake Social Signals. If this website can help in ranking, then why not in video video rankings.

Tip: You can also support facebook ads.

YouTube Video Embed:

Video Embed is helpful in bringing your video rankings and video views. The video embed works like a backlink. The more embeds the more benefit the embeds.

You can embed your video on your website. Web 2.0 can also be embedded by creating it. You can also enter blogs in your blog and enter your video link. There are so many different types of people, but you have to be creative.

YouTube Video Views:

There is a direct fund of video views, as well as the number of views such as Views (High Viewing) = High Ranking. Every video must be at least 60 to 80%.

You can easily view views from social media, ambeds, youtube comments and fakeYouTube video views.

Social Media Views:

You can easily bring video views from Facebook page and Facebook group. You can join Facebook group to have your video uploaded and share your video there. [Please do not spamming otherwise you will be made from the group]

YouTube Comments Views:

You can enter the link to your video by going to the content of the related video from your video. From that you will get very good traffic.

Like if I’m making a video about managed wordpress hosting, I’ll find and comment on the related videos, managed wordpress hosting, wordpress hosting and managed hosting.

Note: In this way, you can also get traffic on your website along with youtube video.

Embeds Views:

You can embed your video into different websites. Also embed on your website. Embeds also increases the authority of your channel.


Reddit is the best way to traffic, you can bring traffic to your website, sales funnel and millions on YouTube Video.

Fake YouTube Views:

Now you will think in your mind that “now it has been thrown away.” You will see many experts post that Fake Views does not work, all this is waste.

Believe it or not, they do not get caught, nor do they help you in lead generating. But some of them are worth yaar theirs.

If Fake Traffic can work, Fake Social Signals can work, then why not Fake View?

If Lead / Conversion can not be given, then what can be done in initial boost.

You can buy Youtube videos from any panel but be careful not only buy high retention views. And if DripFeed is even better then

If you want country wise traffic, you can also buy HR Country Targeted Views.

Tip: Fake YouTube Video Views helps to make your video viral, and if done correctly it can also be in the trending section.

What is Fake YouTube Views and How Do It Work? How To Make Youtube Video Viral And How To Bring Youtube Trending

YouTube Channel Sponsor

YouTube Channel Authority:

Make your channel an authority And follow only one thing. Like if the channel is in the gadget review then insert a related video from the gadget review and gadget. You make the channel authoritative.

Friends Our Guide: “YouTube SEO: How To Make YouTube Video Ranking From Video SEO” That would be perfect but if there is any more information in the future then they will be added to it.


Friends can rank any YouTube video in all these ways. We have tried to provide all kinds of information in this post;

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