How to Save Mobile Battery From Blast


If you have heard the incident of blasting the battery of the mobile, you have heard it many times but do you know if the battery of the phone is broken, if you do not know, in this post, because I have a battery blast and 10 battery to save battery Explaining the ways in which you can avoid breaking your phone’s battery.

One of the most common reasons for the battery bursting of the smartphone is to charge the phone over, so that the battery starts to flatten and heats up causing it to be blasted and your phone’s battery can burst.

Many people charge their phones in the evening and remove them in the morning. Their habit can prove to be painful for them because many people know the loss of battery bursts if you also make such a mistake, then you can have a rough battery.

How to save Mobile Battery From Blast

Blasting your battery can also spoil your phone. If you follow these tips, you can avoid the battery of your mobile device and avoid the cost of a new phone and battery.

  1. Always keep your device in a cool place and never keep it in sunlight for too long.
  2. Avoid full discharge, meaning that the phone is not completely down.
  3. Change the habit of placing the phone in charge overnight. (Change the habit of putting the charging charge even after the battery is full charge.)
  4. Avoid using the phone during charging. (Avoid calling from phone during charging.)
  5. Keep the phone under the pillow at night and avoid sleeping by placing it in sleeping pockets. (Keep your phone in freezes for a while.)
  6. Keep the phone off if you do not need it. (Try sleeping the phone off at night.)
  7. Do not use apps that spend more on batteries.
  8. Charge the phone with your phone.
  9. Avoid charging your phone over low voltage, as well as not charging the battery in a cool or hot place.
  10. Best of all, use the original battery, local batteries can burst.

By following these tips, you can save your phone’s battery from cracking. If you love your life, then follow these tips while using mobile.


I hope if you use these smartphones by keeping these things in mind, you can save your phone’s battery from cracking and be safe.

If you are aware of any other tips other than these that can prevent the mobile battery from exploding, then you can tell about it in the comment.

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