99 things to understand late in life


As we become old, we become wiser. When we stumble, we realize everything that we did not have knowledge in the past in the past. Many things understand late. This is often done when learning lessons, lessons in life are filled with knowledge and are often learned in difficult ways. In this post, we will learn about 99 things that are delayed in life. So let’s know what you learned from life too late?

9 We are never old enough to learn things, we always learn something new, every lesson of life goes by giving us a lesson. We do not understand right-wrong in our childhood but gradually we understand everything.

Even if we say that for the good future we should forget the past but remembering the past to learn from your mistakes can not be wrong, the mistakes made in the past teach us a lot, but they are realized later.

So let us know which are the things that we understand in life long

99 Important Things to Understand Life’s Late

It is better to learn and understand these things soon if possible, rather than later, so that you can avoid doing so.

  1. Hearing is more beneficial than talking.
  2. You should have spoken when you got the chance.
  3. Grit is really a quality.
  4. Nobody cares better than parents.
  5. Mother is the only person who really cares about you and your true well wisher.
  6. The friend is forever lover.
  7. The friend and best friend concept is not present in the real world.
  8. Relatives and friends want you well in life, but if you start to improve them then they start hating you.
  9. The amount of respect you get from the social circle is based on your bank balance.
  10. Life is definitely inappropriate in today’s time, especially for the best people.
  11. Never reveal your goals, ambitions, and mystery to anyone.
  12. Whenever we go to friends or relatives, they ask you to stay for more than a day or a week, but in fact they want you to go back immediately.
  13. True love and solmate are a myth and marriage is a business in most cases.
  14. Comparing your life with others ruins your happiness.
  15. Never take decisions about anyone, because you can never know about another’s mind.
  16. Always rely on your soul’s point of view, you will be right most of the time.
  17. Know your weaknesses, but do not ever share it with anyone.
  18. Ignore all the negativity around you and do not rubbish about anyone.
  19. Never be very proud and arrogant, even if you have gone to the summit of success or your career.
  20. Occasionally all the storms come not to disrupt your life but to clean your way.
  21. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear comes from anger, anger is disgusted, hatred is hurt.
  22. Others treat you as you do with yourself.
  23. Life is far beyond the fear of embarrassment or criticism.
  24. Happiness is not an option, it is the fruit of hard work.
  25. You can not blame others for your failure forever. If there is no money in your pocket, then the reason for it is yours.
  26. Nobody is honest with you and your father to your success.
  27. There is no such thing as “I can not live without you”, this is just a matter of time.
  28. In today’s world, “goodness” means to let people use you and people use it shamelessly.
  29. Saving and investing money for your salary is one of the toughest lessons that you will learn in life very long.
  30. People respect you for what you have or what they think.
  31. If you want life of certainty, then you will spend average life.
  32. Money is the world’s most powerful drug.
  33. Money does not give you true happiness; Just this is an illusion.
  34. Love is a slow poison.
  35. “Perfect partner” is not present in real life.
  36. Teenage love is a sign of crap and ignorance.
  37. True love does not really happen, we only express feelings for our needs.
  38. Most people do not love you, this is just a symbiotic relationship.
  39. To love someone does not mean that you stop loving yourself.
  40. No matter how many years you love someone, when they find new ones, they ignore you.
  41. If you are a successful person in your group of friends, then I will tell you that they are not your true friends.
  42. Whether you see any of the motivational videos or read inspirational quotes. You will never change unless you work.
  43. 9-5 Working like a slave can never make you millionaires.
  44. Laziness is the biggest enemy.
  45. It is better to be a single-care buddy than having thousands of fake friends.
  46. Whether you believe in science, religion or anything, death is not the end.
  47. Do not follow the person who does not respect you.
  48. You will die before achieving your full potential, so LIVE IT UP!
  49. Nobody cares, unless you are rich, beautiful or not successful.
  50. Time fixes a lot, but not everything.
  51. Forgiveness is the best key to move forward. Change prevents you from proceeding.
  52. Words can not be withdrawn. Choose them wisely
  53. Speak less, listen more. And never give your advice, unless it is said for it.
  54. Life is never easy, only you are strong.
  55. Your smile is a sacred poison for your enemies. So, keep on smiling.
  56. A friend who never criticizes you for anything, is your real enemy.
  57. People do not like helping people who are in need.
  58. Learn as much as possible and achieve self-sufficiency.
  59. save money. You do not know when you will need it most.
  60. Never doubt your parents They are your best wishers. And you will not get any choice for them.
  61. Only two people who will never disappoint you, they are your parents. Neither your wife, nor your husband, nor your children nor your friends
  62. If your parents are ignoring you then the above case does not apply. Because in this case only you are wrong.
  63. Have learned from the past, do not stay inside, so take only less lessons from the past and do not sit bashing him.
  64. People come and go, good people are those who will be in front of your laughter at 86 years of age.
  65. If someone neglects you for no reason, it does not mean that you have done so much wrong with him. This is his own problem.
  66. The price of something will suddenly increase in your life when you will lose it.
  67. The person you love the most, will definitely hurt you the most.
  68. If you love a girl and think that she loves you the same, then you are completely wrong.
  69. If you have displayed every fucking talk about you on social media, then it means that you are immature.
  70. If you call yourself “chitiya” then it is really good. You are trying to improve yourself.
  71. If you love yourself and respect it, then it means that you do not need anyone to take serious decisions.
  72. Never say a lie to your parents for a girl / boy.
  73. If you are not making money, save it.
  74. Most people come from your life and go away. Do not waste your life by waiting for them to return.
  75. Leave people who bring negativity in your life more than positivity.
  76. Your control over your emotions determines that you will become a criminal or a saint.
  77. Unless you understand the meaning of life correctly, do not fall in love.
  78. You do not need to read every book that you have started reading, leave the bad and read the good book full.
  79. Career and good education is everything. Nothing can replace it
  80. If you are not a cultured boy / girl then do not expect to get a cultured partner.
  81. Our routine prepares our future.
  82. It is wrong to think about this life, death is also a world, for which one must live.
  83. Take 7-8 hours of sleep everyday, in order to fulfill every dream of life, there is a lot of 16 hours a day.
  84. Be kind, but do not always expect mercy in return.
  85. Never buy the stuff you do not need.
  86. Jealousy is a waste of time. Accept what you already have and be happy.
  87. If you start now, they will soon become what you wanted to be.
  88. Make the world your own university and learn from everyone.
  89. You can not always be the smartest person in the room, even if you alone are PhD.
  90. Do not argue with those people who can not see the reason.
  91. Your parents do not know the future, so do not ever let them down for their mistakes.
  92. Social media plays the most role in wasting waste.
  93. Knowledge found in YouTube video is not real, it’s just nonsense.
  94. People always want a simple solution to their problems.
  95. No reason should never be hated by anyone.
  96. There is a difference of 5:95 in the world that has become rich with fame and work.
  97. If you want anything from the heart, you can achieve it by your hard work.
  98. Supporting the person whom you love the most and seeing him succeed is the greatest pleasure in life.
  99. Your salary gives your parents more happiness than yourself, because they have worked hard to see you in that situation.

These are 99 things that we can understand in life, Life teaches us many lessons, we just need to recognize them.

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